Our Story

The Inception of Grandeza

Grandeza's patented mini  sidecar bottle

Grandeza's patented mini

sidecar bottle



Our search for Grandeza started small.  Our founder, Bernie Garcia conceived an innovative idea for an upside-down orange liqueur sidecar bottle that could be perched on the rim of a glass. We envisioned the concept would be an effective way to evenly distribute the liqueur in a margarita and add a fresh twist to a classic cocktail.

A game changing bottle deserves to be filled with a truly worthy spirit.
— Bernie Garcia, founder

But we didn't stop there.  We believed that a great bottle deserved to be paired with an equally worthy spirit, so after a year of meticulous research and testing, Grandeza Premium Orange Liqueur was born. Our recipe is designed to beautifully complement tequila in a margarita; it doesn't overpower tequila the way cognac or brandy based orange liqueurs do.

Grandeza is masterfully crafted with the finest flavors of Mexico. Sweetened by the smooth caramel notes of organic agave nectar, it finds the perfect balance between fresh citrus flavor, bitter orange peels, and a hint of rich vanilla.

We are honored to have received the prestigious Double Gold Medal at the 2019 SIP Awards. The SIP Awards stands apart as the only internationally recognized consumer judging spirits competition. It provides the ideal level playing field where consumers are the judges and with over 146 judges blind-tasting nearly 1,000 brands. Winning a SIP award has become synonymous with elite quality as judged by the selective tastes of the consumer.